What does "sheesh" mean on TikTok

What does “sheesh” mean on TikTok

sheesh? Videos, songs and dances aren’t the only content that goes viral on TikTok. The video-sharing platform is more generally a colossal incubator of trends and ways of expressing oneself, and among these there are not even the common sayings.

The last expression that spreads like a mantra among the videos of the application is “sheesh“, a word which has a very precise origin but which, entered into the jargon of the tiktokers, has become distorted, manipulated, reused with others. meanings, even deprived of its significant form to become a sound, shared and reused hundreds of millions of times.

Sheesh meaning and origin

What does sheesh mean?

Despite appearances, the word “sheesh” does exist in the English vocabulary (popular slang). This is an exclamation that can be used over and over: it can express surprise or disbelief about something, often in a positive way, and to exalt or compliment another person.

As with many informal expressions such as the simple “jeez” or “damn” or “eh” in Italian, there are two aspects to understanding the meaning of the word “sheesh“: the context and the intonation.

Part of the success of “sheesh” in everyday language is its versatility, but virality on TikTok is obviously a much more recent and special affair… On the video-sharing platform, the word has in fact been adopted by hundreds. thousands of people after one user used it on video of a frog which you can watch below:

Where does sheesh come from?

The phrase has been around since the 1950s and saw a significant increase in its use throughout the 2010s. It was popularized to some extent by NBA player LeBron James and Drip Culture.

What does "sheesh" mean on TikTok

The expression Sheesh, inspiring a popular sound on TikTok in early 2021, is often combined with the Ice In My Veins pose which you can see below:

These TikTokers set the “sheesh” to music

Become a kind of onomatopoeia, the “sheesh” (see “sheeesh”) has established itself as a means of expressing enthusiasm

Videos linked to the hashtag in question by their authors have been viewed over 3 billion times, and all clips by any TikTokeur who decided to omit the wording in the description or who wrote it incorrectly for their video are excluded. of the count; no wonder many users of the social platform have decided to take up expression to offer content focused on it. Among the most successful are creators @ebay_lit and @veryveryvinny, who have used their musical talent and produced harmonized “sheesh” that has generated exceptional enthusiasm.

Their videos have been viewed millions of times and the audio they made for the clips have been reused to bring tens of thousands of other tiktoks to life, in turn seen and enjoyed by other users of the platform. All of this has helped spread the term across the network even more than it ever was before.

Find a compilation of TikTokSheesh” videos below:

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