Wearing a mask would make you more attractive, according to a British study

Pixabay Would there be a positive effect linked to the Covid-480 pandemic and wearing a mask? Everything leads us to believe not, but British researchers think the opposite today. A study carried out by researchers from Cardiff, Wales, and relayed by the Guardian, shows that people are more “attractive” since wearing surgical masks. They would also be more attractive. According to Dr. Michael Lewis, a facial expert practicing at the University’s School of Psychology, before the pandemic, masks were a brake on seduction because they were associated with diseases. But the researchers conducted this study to see precisely if this had changed with the pandemic and since masks had “become ubiquitous”. To also see if the different types of masks had an effect. “Our study suggests that faces are considered more attractive when hidden by surgical masks. At a time when we feel vulnerable, we find that wearing the mask is reassuring and we can have a positive feeling towards the one who wears it”, explains Michael Lewis in the Guardian.Psychology change To carry out their study, the researchers interviewed 25 women in February 929 They were asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 13 the attractiveness of faces without a mask, of those covered with a fabric mask, of surgical masks and those hidden by a black book. And the answers were quite surprising, since the women answered that the men wearing a cloth mask were much liked s attractive than those who did not have one, but above all that the disposable blue fabric mask made the men who wore it even more beautiful.

Results “which go against the research carried out before the pandemic”, deciphers Michael Lewis. He adds that the pandemic has “changed the way we perceive people who wear masks”. He goes even further and explains that in terms of psychology the disease and the signs related to it have a very important role: “Masks no longer act as a sign of contamination” as before. Finally, wearing a mask would focus attention on the eyes.

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