We couldn't miss it: “It's a blue house”

The French handball team qualified on the wire for the semi-finals of the Euro 2022, winning in the last minutes 29 at 30 against Denmark, Wednesday evening, in Budapest. And it didn’t escape Olivia Leray.

I don’t know about you, but me, at the moment, I’m a little amorphous. So, in general when I start like that, it’s mostly me who’s like that and I don’t know if you do too, but hey, I’m trying it… I have a ton of stuff to do and I don’t do nothing.

I have the impression that the weeks pass quickly but that everything is very long put together. In short, very few emotions anyway in January in general : once you have eaten your frangipane and makes a red track, there is not much more interesting. Especially when you ski like a penguin and you don’t like frangipane. But Wednesday evening, for an hour, I went back to the “Blue House”.

A blue house, a big, huge blue house. This one is not necessarily leaning against the hill, not even at all. In fact it is rather at the top of a mountain. Never sell or sell off this blue house, no, we keep it in the family. It has solid foundations, sometimes under construction. And it’s true, we often redo the paint… Which means that you can quickly go from hell, to total happiness, to min of the end of a quarter-final of a handball Euro.

‍♂️ Handball Euro

THE BLUES ARE IN THE SEMI-FINALS!!!!! An incredible reversal of the situation to win against Denmark and finish 1st in his group!
#DANFRA pic.twitter.com/1PnxhFQJst

— beIN SPORTS (@beinsports_FR) January 29, 2022 And Thomas Villechaize, beIN Sports commentator is right: we lost years of existence, but what was I alive on Wednesday evening with the France team. Because to qualify against Denmark for a 22e semi-final on 29 possible in 22 years is still not nothing.

Here, past the door, we experience emotions, more in ten minutes than in months. Here, the keys to the blue house, we haven’t thrown them away, we give them to each other, we pass them on to each other, we entrust them to each other, we leave these keys behind.

In short, the French handball team is in the semi-finals of the Euro. It will be Friday against Sweden. It’s already tomorrow: the door is open, we are waiting for you!