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Watch Good Dogs Take a Ride on Their Own Custom Train

Wholesome news alert! What’s better than seeing an adorable train and a pack of cute dogs? A train carrying those wonderful animals, of course. Eugene Bostick, a railroad retiree, took on the greatest job of his life when he became a conductor for a dog train in Fort Worth, Texas. Bostick and his brother Walter teamed up to make the special transportation for abandoned dogs. A video clip of furry friends enjoying the ride is happy fuel you need to make your day brighter.

The clip, originally from 2015, resurfaced on Digg recently and we love to see it. Several dogs are barking with joy as they ride around in a plastic blue train. The cars are made from fiberglass barrels and being pulled by Bostick’s John Deere tractor trailer. Like humans, the dogs take in the views and enjoy the moment.

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