Volleyball: not renewed in Sète, Duflos wants to respond “on the ground”

The coach of Arago de Sète, Patrick Duflos, returns to RMC Sport on the decision of the club’s management not to renew his contract at the end of the season . If the technician of the Hérault formation, currently second in Ligue A, does not understand his ouster, he remains more motivated than ever to finish with a bang.

The management of Arago de Sète has announced that it will not renew your contract in June despite the excellent sporting results. How do you feel when you leave with your group to play Tourcoing in the league?

PATRICK DUFLOS. It is of course disappointment and surprise that take precedence . Arago is my heart club and, for me, there were no relational problems with the management as I was notified to explain my non-renewal in June. I am open and have always answered calls. I never put my management aside. Due to my function, I make all the sporting decisions but the club has always validated my recruitment or other proposals.

The management considers that I am not the right man for the job. the Arago, as I was told. The current second position speaks for me as I took the club out of the relegation zone when I arrived in December 202201130537. My answer is currently in the field. The objectives set have been met.

The management claims that you did not keep them sufficiently informed of the life of the group and your sporting choices?

Until then, I had no relationship problems with the management and President Bilicki. He admitted it to me. The president even felt embarrassed to come see me. And even, look at the bond I have with the players. I proposed solutions so that we exchanged regularly. I’m not known to be a wild person but I say things when they have to be said.

According to our information, you would have refused an office at the club’s headquarters to dialogue regularly with management?

No, President Bilicki has not offered it to me lately. My office is the gym. A coach’s office is the room. At Arago de Sète, the former coaches also worked in this way. I do not see the point of an office if there is no need.

Arago remains on nine consecutive victories. Isn’t this decision likely to scuttle the team and the race for the playoffs?

I hope not, I don’t Do not think. I spoke to the players about the situation. It’s a matter between the club and me. Between us, this decision does not change our relationship and our Top 8 goals. Me like the players, it strengthens us more to go to the end of the story.

Frankly, I am even more motivated and focused on my team to make our season a success. It would be a huge pleasure to finish very well. As for the supporters, I thank them first of all for their support and I tell them that life goes on. I brought pleasure to the fans and they must above all continue to support us. It is Arago that takes precedence, it is the institution above all, and not President Bilicki or coach Duflos. The supporters are the seventh man at home and they must remain so.

Interview by Morgan Besa