VIP Only / Net-Wash (Stéphane Alaux) and Alexandra Mathieu combine E-reputation and personal assistant – Money

VIP Only / Net-Wash (Stéphane Alaux) and Alexandra Mathieu combine E-reputation and personal assistant

| Stéphane Alaux, president of Net-Wash / VIP Only & Alexandra Mathieu, CEO, founder of Excellam

VIP Only, a department of the Net Wash agency founded by Stéphane Alaux, is broadening its horizon of partners by activating a synergy with Alexandra Mathieu, beauty stylist, known to the biggest stars, CEO-founder from Excellam, “The first non-binding personal assistant site”. There is a fine line between E-reputation on the Web and spontaneous fame in the media or cultural events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Molières evening, the Victoires de la Musique, ..

For more than 20 years old, Alexandra Mathieu has made a specialty of supporting stars like Nathalie Baye or Tilda Swinton in the sublimation of their public image. First hair-stylist and expert in make-up on TV sets and the steps of the biggest festivals, Alexandra has illustrated herself to magnify the biggest stars of the red carpet.

“During the past 3 or 4 years, I have also developed private concierge services and have noticed that clients are rarely fully satisfied because they are treated as “subscribers”

among others, with little customization, few proposals and not enough relevance in the service offer ”. And to add: “I no longer want to use this term of concierge today overused: it is used by anyone rents services by doing little better than Premium bank cards! I now prefer to reinvest myself in the creation of the profession of tailor-made personal assistant, networking and organization of private events: Excellam ”. To do this, Alexandra has surrounded herself with specialists from the luxury hotel industry, all of whom have solid experience in renowned palaces. Its main idea: respond to very specific requests in the utmost confidentiality and mission by mission, without necessarily a year-round commitment.

“In France, says fortunately, things are changing. Contrary to what was said before, it is quite possible today to be both in business and in the artistic world ”.

Services of excellence This analysis is shared by Stéphane Alaux. Hence the birth of a partnership with VIP Only (Net-Wash): “We are complementary, says Alexandra . I can personally assist their clients outside the web, in the professional and private fields, by providing services for their well-being, for better communication or to manage travel, emergency situations, unforeseen events, etc. ” For his part, Stéphane Alaux confirms: “Our two organizations aim to offer excellent services. Our VIP Only department, within NetWash, makes it a point of honor to secure the digital image of personalities from the entertainment or business world as well as politicians. ”

The famous E-reputation agency has established itself in France through its expertise in the field of web cleaning. His proposal can be summed up in three words: to be the “digital body guard” personalities whose private or professional life may be endangered by the circulation of malicious rumors or truncated or distorted information. The effects can be devastating. The response then consists in restoring a favorable and positive image. For this, Net-Wash, available 20 h / 24 can mobilize various human and technological means, including an AI algorithm – the Kathartik CRM capable of scanning the web in a few seconds.

The preservation of its digital image deserves curative and preventive actions. “The hell of the web and social networks can arise at any time. Better to guard against it ”, summarizes Stéphane Alaux. Contact :

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