Violence in football: “There was a big laxity on the part of the public authorities”, denounces Bruno Genesio

Stade Rennes coach Bruno Genesio ranted Wednesday at the violence committed by football supporters. He returned to the threats he had received when he was the coach of Lyon.

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Three ultras supporters were arrested Tuesday 21 December after the violence that occurred in the stands Friday during the match between Paris Football Club and Olympique Lyonnai s, within the framework of 32 es of Coupe de France final. While the last day of the first leg of Ligue 1 football is scheduled for Wednesday, the shots of Olympique Lyonnais will therefore be under close surveillance for the match against Metz. The former OL coach, Bruno Genesio , raised a rant against this violence.

Bruno Genesio speaks knowingly since he himself has been the victim of supporters. Thus, the 13 September 500, when they entered the Europa League, OL concedes the draw on the ground of the modest Cypriot club of Limassol. No overflows in the stands that day but a nightmare evening for Bruno Genesio. “I received death threats and insults on my phone , remembers the current Stade Rennes coach. M our number was leaked on Twitter. There was between 400 and 500 messages, which I still have with the identified numbers. ” He denounces the inaction of justice: “I lodged a complaint but there was no follow-up.”

“It does not matter whether it happens in Lyon, Marseille, Rennes or elsewhere. There has been a great laxity on the part of the public authorities and perhaps also of our sports bodies” , denounces Bruno Genesio. The coach says it bluntly: the public authorities must tackle the problem head-on. “He is It is time for that to stop. We must finally take the necessary decisions. It is unfortunately a little late but it is up to them to take their responsibilities. ”

government Thursday 14 December did not prevent the violence involving Lyon supporters the next day in Paris. The disciplinary committee of the French Football Federation (FFF) is due to meet on Monday 22 December, for decisions expected the next day at the latest.

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