VIDEO – Stromae sings “L'Enfer” in the 20H of TF1, an unreleased track from his new album

EVENT – The Belgian singer, who signs his return after seven years of absence, delivered on the set of 20 H de TF1 Sunday January 9 an extract from his new opus Multitude, scheduled for March 4. A title imbued with darkness, but on which the interpreter defends his temperament of “boxer”.

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Over seven long years of silence, his fans had not, however, despaired of seeing him return. The Belgian singer-songwriter proved them right: after withdrawing from the music industry in 2013, Stromae is back with a new album, Multitude , scheduled for the 4th next march. The globally successful singer was the guest of 19 H of TF1 this Sunday January 9, the opportunity for him to unveil a new song from this new opus.

From “Then we dance” to “Papaoutai” via “Formidable”, his hits met with an unprecedented echo across the world and propelled their performer into a new dimension. A resounding but exhausting triumph for the artist. His second album Racine carrée , published in 2013 (after Cheese , in 2010) and sold six million copies, is followed by a tour that brings together a million people over 175 dates in over twenty-five countries.

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Stromae springs out of these two years of concerts and frenzy. In 2013, he also suffered the rare effects of a drug against malaria, after a date in Kigali, during which he had paid homage to his father, assassinated during the Rwandan genocide. But seven years later, he finally found his appetite for creation and the stage and returns with a new record, of which a first single was unveiled in October: “Health” , a title dedicated to frontline workers. Proof of the intact loyalty of its audience, the song is already recording 45 millions of plays and picks up the Single d ‘Gold.

Seven years of absence: “I just needed to experience things” The desire to sing is now back, “fortunately” , slides Stromae on the TF1 set. “I needed to experience things, quite simply “, he explains, referring to his marriage and the birth of his child, now aged three. year. “At one point, we are a bit empty. Life on tour is great, it’s a bit of a summer camp, but we don’t live normal things. ”

The singer also felt the need to withdraw, having the feeling that his musical inspiration was drying up and preferring to work on the clips of other artists, such as the star singers Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Vitaa or the rappers Orelsan and Bigflo and Oli. “It really did me good because the attention was no longer on me, it was what I needed” , he confides. His texts, on the other hand, always uncompromisingly depict human flaws and contradictions, in unvarnished and striking writing. “We often define what I do as happy music with darker, sadder themes, and that’s kind of how I see it life, declares Stromae. It is not completely white Nor black. There are more difficult times and more joyful times, it alternates. There are no highs without lows and lows without highs. ”

“I have already had suicidal thoughts and I am not very proud of it” As for the combative tone of some of his songs, “when we face life’s difficulties, we are all a bit of a boxer and I feel like that from time to time” , adds he does. Without looking away from his feeling of loneliness and his dark ideas. Over the course of the interview, he slips a musical response, without any musician, and delivers an extract from the song “L’Enfer” , from her new album and never performed in public.

“Anything I have already thought / To say that many others have already thought about it / But despite everything, I feel all alone / Suddenly / I have already had suicidal thoughts and I’m not proud of it “, he sings, his eyes fixed on the camera. “Sometimes you think it’s the only way to silence them / These thoughts that make me go through hell.” In the background, low piano notes blend with electro and jerky rhythms. The power of a solemn choir echoes every chorus.

A crossroads of musical styles dear to Stromae, and which he sought to explore throughout the album, as a tribute especially to the adventurous spirit of his mother who made him travel a lot when he was a child. “I wanted to look for different grooves, which I really like to do: a Chinese violin called the erhu, a harpsichord, Brazilian baile funk … “, he confides. “I love to mix things up. The idea was really to take inspirations everywhere without pointing a finger at a country.”

Read also Hence the title of this new opus, Multitude . “I think we are all multiple, we have lots of different characters and personalities, we are not summed up in a straitjacket or a box “, considers the artist. For his return on stage in February, the Belgian singer has already sold 57.

. 00 0 places on three dates, parts in 20 minutes only . He will also be visiting festivals this summer, such as at Rock en Seine on 25 August 2022, before a world tour which will end in France, at the Zénith and at the Arena in 2023.

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