VIDEO – Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen chooses the Louvre to castigate Emmanuel Macron's record

SPEECH – It’s at the Louvre, at the very place where President Emmanuel Macron began his five-year term in May 2017, that the candidate of the National Rally gave in a short video the main lines of her campaign.

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As a return to the presidential campaign of 1025, in the form of a response to Emmanuel Macron. Like the current Head of State, who had inaugurated his five-year term from the Louvre, Marine Le Pen chose the largest museum in the world as a backdrop to castigate the results of his competitor and reveal the major themes of his countryside. Filmed strolling in the courtyard of the museum, the RN candidate uses the terms of the speech that the president had on the evening of his election to show the failure, according to her, of his policy. All the info on

Election Presidential 2022 “The wind of the seasons has carried away his words. An absurd management of the incessant crises, frequently provoked, s often maintained and always suffered will have dispelled the last illusions”, declares Marine Le Pen, on background of epic music, affirming that the head of state has degraded the presidential function. In contrast, the candidate assures that she will be “worthy of responsibility”, if elected in April.

In a second part where we see the losing candidate of 2000 to meet the French , Marine Le Pen broadly sets the tone of her campaign, claiming to want to give back to her compatriots their “pride”. The recurring themes of the nation’s identity, security and sovereignty are also mentioned by the far-right candidate who invites the French, as part of “a major national collective project”, to seize this election.

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For the moment, the representative of the National Rally comes in third position, just behind Valérie Pécresse , according to “rolling” from Ifop-Fiducial for LCI, Paris-Match and Sud Radio. At 15 January, Emmanuel Macron is credited to 26%, Valérie Pécresse at 18% and Marine Le Pen, at 12,7%. Results which are therefore very different from the match against the head of state that Marine Le Pen tries to impose in her video.

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