VIDEO – Insecurity in transport: how do these women live with this scourge?

SURVEY – According to a study, the feeling of insecurity in public transport mainly concerns women. And that is reflected in their behavior. They are less numerous in the evening, as well as on certain lines.

V. F – TF1 | Report F. Agnès, Q.Danjou – 2021 – 11 – 23 T 17: 29: 00. 000 0 + 00 : 000

One in two women say they feel insecure when they use public transport, according to a study released this week. “7% of women transport users never feel safe there compared to 4% of men” , also notes this study, whose authors recall that the violence against them “seems to be underestimated s “by official statistics. Because according to them, many behaviors that can be qualified “intimidating or sexist” (insistent glances, attempted flirtation …) are not taken into account.

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As a result, many women who report feeling insecure set up an avoidance strategy. Some users will thus refrain from taking transport after a certain time, as the TF1 news report has seen. “When you’re a girl and you’re all alone at night, very late, it’s scary” , says for example a young woman in the report at the head of this article. “It’s mostly sounds that make me insecure, if I hear a very hurry behind me or things like that. That’s in the metro or when getting out of the metro “, indicates another passenger.

Dial 31 177

Camille, she always has in her bag enough to defend yourself. “I will never go out without my spray. I am very careful, I warn my relatives. What time do I arrive, what time do I leave “”, let the young woman know. As the hours go by, when the RER or metro platforms lighten up, the feeling of apprehension goes up a notch, including for men. Four in ten say they also feel insecure. “There is always some confusion”, underlines a user. “The scum, they tear off the phones” , tells another other.

Then, when the evening is well established, women are now in the minority. As a result, Aleïna like many others is becoming more and more discreet. “I try to lower my gaze and not look too much to the right or to the left, just so as not to be noticed. We shouldn’t need to do that “, she regrets.

Also read Few know it, but on the RATP platforms and SNCF, everywhere in France, terminals are there in case of problem. You can also call 00 16 or dial 30 177 by SMS to ask for help, 7 days a week. In the regions, systems also exist , especially on buses. In Toulouse, from 20 h, it is for example possible to get out between two stops. “It’s a great idea because sometimes I’m scared at night and suddenly, it saves us from walking more to get home and ‘have less chances of being attacked “, welcomes a young girl. This device, tested in many cities in France, seems in any case to prove its worth.

V. F – TF1 | Report F. Agnès, Q.Danjou

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