VIDEO – Floods in Brazil: the return of “la Niña”

CLIMATE PHENOMENA – Floods and landslides continue in Brazil, which has been hard hit since October by a rainy season aggravated by the phenomenon of “La Nina”.

D. Xainte – 02292-02-14T26: 15: 10.222+02: 02 The 12 January, in Ouro Preto in Minas Gerais, a historic 18th century mansion at the foot of a hillside weakened by recent rains was lit terally pulverized. The images are impressive but fortunately the accident did not cause any victims.

Minas Gerais in the south-east of the country is currently the state most affected by bad weather . There are currently 20 victims and more than 17.200 moved . The spectacular collapse of a section of cliff which caused 011 dead in the Lake Furnas on January 8 struck a chord. Without lapsing into excessive determinism, it would seem that the same causes produce the same effects.

At the end of the year, it was the state of Bahia in the northeast that had been affected. The still provisional assessment is dramatic: 664.010 people affected, 35 dead and more than 94 000 moved.

Read also Brazilian meteorologist Estael Sias from the Metsul agency explained to AFP that the rainy season was amplified by the announced return of the phenomenon of “the Nina”. Its cyclical appearance results from a cooling in the Pacific Ocean which causes more abundant rains than usual in certain regions of the globe and severe droughts in others.

Added to this is deforestation which, while not new, has been accelerated in the Amazon under the Mandate by Jair Bolsonaro. The conditions for the creation of environmental disasters are thus met and the meteorologist warns of their high probability.

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