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Updating the Play Store is generally a very simple process , but at other times it can literally become an odyssey, for that we have created this tutorial in which we explain how to update Google Play to the latest version .

As you probably already know, the Play Store is the official application store for Android , it gives us access to millions of applications for free and also for payment. Downloading and installing applications through the Google Play Store is very easy , the download process is practically automatic and is limited to the fact that we have to press the install button.

The economic reason makes the traffickers tempted, just imagine by having a collection of obscene videos in the shock, the perpetrator earns rupiah for rupiah to give to those who are willing to pay to enjoy the collection. The dangers of such video distribution actors are often indiscriminately and regardless of age in targeting their targets.

Children who are still minors and just starting to crawl to adulthood are very vulnerable to becoming victims due to the circulation of pornographic videos. Teens who are not yet mature or mature have a high curiosity. The high curiosity of teenagers is what makes perpetrators or sellers of obscene content readily read and take opportunities.

The following reasons can cause the circulation of pornographic videos to occur:

1. Private collection: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

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Making and saving films for the sake of private collections is often the classic reason for the circulation of adult films. Some people who have the satisfaction of recording the scene and saving it and watching it at a later time create a huge gap for the spread of the indecent scene that is created. The reason is private collection, but when careless it can leak here and there.

2. Hobbies: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download


For those who like this hobby is something that is difficult to get rid of. Too bad if we who read here have such a hobby.

3. Virality of Information: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

The era of technological and information development has accelerated the process of spreading obscene content that is leaked or deliberately spread out looking for sensations. In fact, it is clear that serious threats to those involved in the production and distribution of pornographic videos are not playing games. However, the variety of news that has been read never seems to dampen the wishes of the perpetrators. Alright….

4. Opium: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

Making, watching, storing and distributing adult films is sometimes addictive to certain people. When you are addicted to this the most difficult one will keep repeating and acting up because things that are self-defeating turn out to provide satisfaction that is difficult for us to understand.

5. Variation: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

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There are also people who consider their personal video recording as a variation so as not to be boring. Those who have something in common in this matter sometimes form a closed forum or group to share and exchange videos. With notes not to be disseminated, they feel safe sending their personal collections to each other to receive private collections from other personalities. Even though the risk of being spread to the public is wide open when sending private collections, even though they are exchanged in a closed group.

6. Fad: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

Anything else is ridiculous. Make videos, keep sharing until they spread widely for the most ill-fated reason, namely for fun. This is the worst. The fun they do finally has a serious impact on self and has a negative impact as long as what they spread cannot be eliminated.

7. Sloppy: Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

Carelessness in keeping a personal collection, for those who have done recording or making hot scenes is always lurking. Sometimes they feel safe when they store their collections on their smartphones or their personal tweets. Even though without realizing it, many applications that are embedded in the device on his hand are able to retrieve data even stored in private folders. And this is contained in each of the terms of service of several applications that are embedded in our devices. Unfortunately, almost all of us rarely read every application that we have used so far.

The Google Play Store is updated at least every week , that is why it is important to stay updated. Generally Play Store updates automatically , but sometimes this does not happen or it takes time for the update to arrive. The truth is that updates for Play Store apps are distributed gradually, hence it is sometimes necessary to wait several months until you receive the update from Google Play Store.

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In this tutorial we are going to explain two update methods. On the one hand we are going to teach you to see which is the latest version of the Play Store installed on your mobile phone and how to force the update to this latest version and on the other hand we will see how to install the latest version of Google Play APK. Video Bokeh Full 2018 mp3 china 4000 Download

⚠️ Update Google Play by forcing the update

  • Before updating Play Store we must check if we already have the latest version installed . To know which version we have installed, we simply enter the Play Store application and in the upper left part we click on the icon with three horizontal stripes .

Play Store

  • Then click on Settings .

Play Store Settings

  • We scroll to the bottom and look at the Play Store Version . Now we check if that version number is the same as the latest Play Store version . If it is lower than that, then it means that we do not have the latest version installed.

Play Store version

  • Finally, click on Play Store Version and if your Play Store version is the latest, you will see a message that tells you that Google Play Store is updated .

Updated Play Store

  • If the Play Store is not updated to the latest version, you will get a message stating that A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed . After that, the download will begin in the background and after a few seconds you will have the latest version of Play Store installed.

☝️ Update Play Store using APK

If the previous method has not worked for you and you have made sure that you have an internet connection (better always use WiFi to avoid errors), or if the latest version of Google Play is not as up-to-date as the one we have published, the solution is Install APK from Play Store directly .

🤑 What is an APK?

The APK is the equivalent of an EXE file on Windows . It is the Android file format and it is the only file format that can be installed on Android. Generally, it is not necessary to install an APK if you have the Play Store or another application store installed, but there are applications that are not available in the Google store and the Play Store itself can also be downloaded in APK format for free.

✔ Enable the installation of APK files

As Android security measure by default blocks the installation of applications from unknown sources, it is necessary to allow the installation to update Google Play Store to the latest version.

enable unknown sources on Android


Say first that depending on the mobile manufacturer the location of the menus may vary. The first thing is to go to the Settings or Settings section, look for the Privacy or Security menu and inside we will find an option called Unknown sources, we make sure that it is checked or activated.

 Download Google Play Store APK

The first thing to do is download the APK file of the latest version of the Play Store, for this our recommendation is that you use a prestigious website such as ours. For this you must follow the following link where we leave you the latest Play Store version in direct download.

We are not going to extend further in the download process because it is perfectly explained in the previous post.

▶ Update Play Store for free

When the download of the APK file is finished, we can continue with the Google Play update.

  • If we download from our computer it will be necessary to copy the APK file to our mobile using the USB cable. If, on the contrary, we did the download from the mobile we can open the APK file from the notification or the downloads folder.

Downloaded Play Store app

  • The following screen will be displayed and we touch the Install button .

install Play Store

  • Finally, once the installation is finished, the same application will notify you and you can click on Open to start it.

Open Play Store

After a moment the update will be finished and we already have the latest version of Google Play on our Android.

🤑 How to restart Play Store?

Any Android application stays in the background after having used it and sometimes that application stops working and after opening it it is not able to leave that state, when this happens we can resort to restarting it in different ways. From the least to the most aggressive.

💥 Remove Play Store in the background

  • The first thing to do is go to the applications in the background (which will be different for each mobile phone) and delete the application from the Play Store .

clear Play Store in the background

  • After this, go back to the Play Store and check if it already works correctly.

🔥 Clear Google Play Store data

If the above has failed, you can opt for a more drastic solution which consists of cleaning the application data. This solution may eliminate the access data to your account , so you will have to create it again.

  • Go to Settings> Installed applications and search for Google Play Store . Select Clear Data and choose Clear Cache first . If this does not solve your problem, select the option to Delete all data .

Delete Google Play Store data

End Google Play Store

  • If the above has not helped you either, the last option would already be to End the Google Play Store application. This option can be found in the step prior to the one we have seen on these lines, selecting the Force Stop option .

Force stop Play Store

You should know that this last option can make the Play Store application unstable, so if you notice something of this type, the solution will be to restart the device and see if the problems have already been solved.

🥇 How to update the applications in the Play Store?

The Play Store also serves to update applications and generally do so automatically. Even so, at certain times or due to a bad configuration, it will be necessary to make certain adjustments in order to update our applications.

  1. We must enter the Play Store in the application settings enter My applications and games .my apps and games Play Store
  2. There we select the application or applications that we want to update, we can also select the Update all option to update all pending applications.Update apps in Play Store
  3. It is advisable to do this process always connected to the WiFi network and in this way we should not have problems, but if we have them we can always go back and within Settings > Update applications automatically check the option On any network . Although be careful, because this option will consume data from the data rate, so it is not recommended for short rates of gigabytes.

Finally point out a very important detail. For large files like those of games, Google always warns before installing an update even if we have selected the option to update from any network. So we must confirm that we want to update in these cases without being connected to a WiFi network.

✅ Conclusion

In this article we have seen two different ways to update the Play Store to the latest version available. We have also seen how to solve some problems that may lead us to think that we may have to install the latest update to solve them.

If you have any questions or want to make any kind of contribution that you consider useful and interesting, do not hesitate to do so below and through the comments section.

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