Vice President-elect Kamala Harris receives COVID-19 vaccine

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Transcript for Vice President-elect Kamala Harris receives COVID-19 vaccine

And Dunn headed. Then. There. Are very well just. Okay. Well. 51 day united left a plan for the workers do without the city. Yeah yeah that is crossing. Over. But it’s good to be here and I have now been vaccinated are still exercise is a big difference between them back pain and vaccination. I want to encourage everyone to get the vaccine. It is relatively payment and it happened really quickly it is safe. On the Montana but Pfizer today at Atlanta on packing my husband is gonna happen today as well. I look forward to get a second back pain. Literally this is about eight six lit it up saving John Ashcroft the client. And it is the scientists. Who created. And approved this vaccine. Fliers everywhere. When it is your turn. Gig fascinating. Things about saving your life the life of your family members and the let’s get me. And so thank you and let’s all just do what we need to do to stay healthy and safe this holiday season and every day. Thank you off. You didn’t yet if you. All the years they had this truck in the community we get this vaccine becomes. Today because first problem phenomenon on health care providers like notification. Who served the community and we have a hospital and medical centers and clinics like this all over the country. Who are sad but people who understand the community who often comes from the community and who would administer all year round. Trusted help keep and so on are reminded people. That right in our community is where you can take the vaccine where you will receive the vaccine fund hopes you may know folks who I. Working in the same hospital where children of war. Folks who are working in the same hospital where an elderly relatives receive the kind of care they need. So I want to remind people. That they have trusted sources. Help and that’s where they will be able to to get back seat so I heard. And must. The relief. Well I’m actually have a built at bat. I’m aware of love that. And I recommend. Bad folks receive the 2000 dollar check and so I would certainly McConnell to put my bill on the floor for a vote. Me.

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{“duration”:”3:55″,”description”:”Harris was vaccinated one week after President-elect Joe Biden received the first dose of the two-dose-vaccine.”,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/Politics“,”id”:”74950354″,”title”:”Vice President-elect Kamala Harris receives COVID-19 vaccine”,”url”:”″}

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