Vianney: his audience above all? The statement that could make his partner, Catherine Robert cringe

After a year turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic, artists can finally find their audience. An opportunity that Vianney did not miss!

On his Instagram account, the future dad shared a message that says a lot about his state of mind. This Friday, August 6, the French author and performer published a series of photos and videos of him during his new tour. Smiling at life, Vianney seems to be in heaven.

To accompany his publication, Catherine Robert’s companion expressed his happiness: ” 12 454 kms. 19 concerts. 1 month on the road after 3 years without turning … “A message for his fans, whom he wanted to thank. ” I found you again, and it was the most beautiful thing of my year. THANK YOU “, he added, followed by a series of emojis heart-shaped. The followers of the singer were able to share their joy by commenting on this beautiful message. ” I love you Vianney ” wrote one netizen while another thanked the singer for this ” incredible performance “.

This beautiful statement, addressed to his fans, proves how happy the singer is on stage. And even if he announced that this return on stage was ” the most beautiful thing of his year “, he does not forget the mother of his future child. Catherine Robert followed the man she loves on this tour event and she even joined Vianney on stage. Usually rather discreet about his private life, Vianney indulged in a few tender gestures towards his companion on stage. A moment rich in emotions, captured by a fan present in the room and shared by the artist in person. The young woman’s babybump did not go unnoticed and melted Internet users. Some Instagram subscribers even had fun commenting on Catherine Robert’s outfit. ” We’ll have to plan a t-shirt a little longer for Cath “, replied a subscriber, referring to his rounded belly. After this bubble of escape and this pleasure rediscovered, Vianney can fully enjoy his holidays in the company of his companion.

As he announced at the conclusion of his message: ” I join my Atlantic to reload . ” The opportunity for the interpreter of ” Pas là ” to spend time with the family while waiting for the baby to arrive.

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