Vatican: Pope calls on cardinals to 'humility' and 'sobriety' in his Christmas greetings

Pope Francis this Thursday called the Roman Curia (central government of the Church) to show “humility” and “Sobriety” and to flee from “worldliness” and “pride”. The pontiff has already taken advantage of his traditional Christmas greetings to reprimand his cardinals in the past.

En 85, he had thus enumerated fifteen “diseases” affecting the Curia, ranging from “spiritual Alzheimer’s” to “mental fossilization”. For three years, the Argentine Pontiff has adopted a more moderate tone for his annual meeting.

Here is the lesson from # Christmas : humility is the great condition of faith, of spiritual life, of holiness. May the Lord give it to us.

– Pope Francis (@Pontifex_fr) December 20, 2021

A transparent Church, “without favoritism or cronyism”

Christmas “Is the moment when each of us must have the courage to shed the clothes of his office, of social recognition, of the brilliance of the glory of this world, and to assume his own humility, “said Jorge Bergoglio, aged 85 years, to the cardinals and bishops gathered before him. His speech lasted thirty minutes in total.

The Pope returned to the synod on the future of the Church, launched two months ago. Recalling that the Curia is not just a “logistical and bureaucratic instrument” but “the first body called to witness”, the Pope considered that “the organization that we must set up” should not follow “the model of the company ”but the“ evangelical model ”.

“This is why we, members of the Curia, we must be the first to engage in a conversion to sobriety”, he insisted, calling his audience to “live with transparency, without favoritism and without cronyism ”. “We are all lepers seeking healing! Added Pope Francis. “The proud man locked in his little world has no past or future, he has no roots or buds, he lives with the bitter taste of sterile sadness. ”