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Valve has gotten ahead of the next shipments of its Steam Deck console

According to 01Net’s Valve has gotten ahead of the next shipments of its Steam Deck console
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Vlave has just completed early deliveries of its console for third quarter reservations and will immediately tackle reservations for the period from September to December 2022.

Valve kept its word. The manufacturer of the Steam Deck game console had announced a doubling of its deliveries in June. It indicates on its site that it has completed shipments for the third quarter (July to September) in advance:

“As some people on the web have already noticed (we see you Reddit!), we have accelerated our rate of response to reservations. Production increased and we again exceeded our own estimates. »

Valve says that since the third quarter wrapped up earlier than expected, it will get ahead of the game and start tackling scheduled fourth quarter bookings. The site’s sales page has been updated accordingly and now concerns reservations for the period from September to December.

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The reservation costs 4 dolars, which are refunded if you then decide not to buy the console. During the initial release of the console, customers had to be patient: pre-order since July 16, 2021, the distribution of the device has been pushed back from December 2021 to February 2022.

You have the choice between three configurations which differ mainly in storage: 64 GB of eMMC memory (419 dolars), a 256 GB SSD (549 dolars) and a 512 GB SSD (679 dolars). Note that for SSDs, Valve can put a slower model than the one originally planned (PCIe Gen 3 x2 instead of PCIe Gen3 x4). But according to the manufacturer, there is no impact on game performance.

Valve has published a small 50-page book on its console, available for free in English on its website (alas no version in French). In this booklet, he indicates that he will continue to evolve his SteamOS operating system with new functions and even more compatibility for his Proton emulator. This compatibility will also be offered for Chromebook users. And the manufacturer intends to offer new versions of its console, without giving a date for a possible Steam Deck 2.

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