Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower neighborhood village

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

Valentino Gareri Atelier has revealed design for a brand new 3D-printed residential village which is able to comprise 19 houses designed as “a new model of sustainable community village”, envisioned for low density and rural areas.

Called Sunflower Village, the mission is developed with know-how futurist & wellness advisor Steve Lastro of 6Sides and international wellness actual property and know-how leaders Delos to suggest extra humanistic, sociological strategy to residential know-how & neighborhood residing. 

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

According to the staff, the mission emerged in response to the quantity of people that needed to flee from high-dense city facilities into small or distant area in the course of the pandemic. The pandemic additionally inspired a brand new methods of working, which has largely elevated working-from-home pleasant insurance policies. 

“The exodus from big cites to small towns and rural areas highlights the necessity of re-thinking about the requalification of these areas and defining a new model of city for the post-pandemic future,” mentioned Valentino Gareri Atelier.

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

For a basic structure, the architects take cues from a sunflower, the association of the homes ‘follows’ the solar circle, the place the heaps and homes are radially distributed round a central communal space. Photovoltaic roofs are formed and angled with a view to obtain clear vitality from the solar, as a sunflower does in nature daily.

The 19 houses are designed as singular-story homes which can be constructed by utilizing 3d-concrete-printing know-how, whereas the adopted building course of naturally shapes the ultimate city kind.

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

“History tells us that new materials and construction techniques had always influenced the forms of the buildings. Each of the most significant architectural forms has been aided by the discovery of new construction method,” added Valentino Gareri Atelier. 

“From stone and timber structure to the adoption of bricks and the arch-vaulting system, or the introduction of reinforced concrete structure that made possible to create higher and more transparent buildings.”  “Similarly, the 3D printing technology will give form to the city of the future,” the agency added.

The building website is positioned within the heart to permit the concrete-printer machine to maneuver via extendable and retractable binaries. For this motive, all homes will probably be printed in sequence by rotating within the central website space because of a brief positioned turning-table. 

As Valentino Gareri Atelier highlights, “this represents a more sustainable construction process compared to a traditional one, as less soil is utilized during the working phase.”

Every single home is designed to be vitality self-efficient. The constructing form naturally promotes the solar vitality assortment because of photovoltaic frameless tiles that clad the angled roofs. 

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

The roofs, like a sunflower, are angled to ‘follow’ and catch essentially the most environment friendly quantity of photo voltaic radiation, in line with the location latitude. The clear vitality is collected in batteries and utilized for the floor-heating system, for air-conditioning, and for electrical vehicles alimentation. 

Moreover, the roof inclination, promotes the rain water assortment, aimed for use for bogs and irrigation, right into a water tank positioned within the service room. Here the peak of the constructing is lowered to the minimal mandatory, saving materials to be utilized within the reverse website of the constructing, the place the peak is elevated to maximise the view in direction of the countryside. 

Valentino Gareri Atelier designs 3D-printed Sunflower community village

Urban diagram

The generated home geometry promotes and will increase the “chimney effect” lowering the necessity for air-conditioning vitality because of the pure air flow.

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