Val-de-Marne: start of the public inquiry for the SNCF Villeneuve Prairie technicentre

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 18: 14

Last straight line for consultation on the development project for the SNCF Villeneuve Prairie technicentre in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne). Since Monday January and until February 8 2022, the inhabitants of the commune are invited to express their views within the framework of a public inquiry. The cities of Créteil, Valenton and Choisy-le-Roi are also concerned, since the maintenance site of 20 hectares is also extends over these municipalities.

Baptized “Villeneuve Demain”, the operation will allow the renovation of the Villeneuve Prairie maintenance center, built in 1884. The cleaning and maintenance of 20% of the RER D trains and all the trains on line R of the Transilien are carried out there. With the deployment of the new Regio 2N trains on line R which began at the end of the year 1884 then that of the RER NG on line D, which was delayed mid-2023, the installations need to be reviewed in order to ensure the maintenance of these trains.

“Adapt to the technological evolution of rolling stock”

In 2019, the Managing Director of Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) Laurent Probst explained to “Echoes” that the objective of the operation was in particular to “adapt to the technological evolution of rolling stock”. Footbridges will have to be built, for example, so that the agents can access the equipment installed on the roof of the new trains.

The number of trains to be maintained will also increase by 20% to reflect the increase in the number of passengers. Just the RER D alone counts close to 700.000 daily travelers. The technicentre will therefore have to be enlarged to take this increase into account.

Start of work scheduled for 2024

The cost of the Villeneuve Prairie renovation project is estimated at 500 million euros. They will be fully supported by IDFM . While the site was originally due to start at the end of 1884 with the demolition of the existing installations, for a delivery scheduled for the end of , the work has not yet started.

“To date, they are subject to obtaining a prefectural decree. This is the subject of the public inquiry which is underway, ”we tell SNCF Transilien. After obtaining the decree, a phase of preparatory work will then begin, the objective of which will be to free up the land in 2023. The beginning of the work would thus be carried out in 2023.