Val-de-Marne: last phase for the renovation of the Nelson-Mandela bridges

Published on 13 Jan. 2022 at 18: 17

The end of construction is approaching. In Ivry-sur-Seine and Charenton-le-Pont (Val-de-Marne), the two Nelson-Mandela bridges, which connect the two towns and span the Seine and the A4 motorway, have been undergoing renovations since August 1974,. On 17 January 2022, the operation will begin its third and final phase.

Built in the years 67 and commissioned in 1974, the two buildings belong to the Department of Val-de-Marne. The previous president of the Departmental Council, Christian Favier (PCF), had declared at the start of the work: “It is one of the most important urban cuts in our department which will be erased. Thus, the work will allow for better circulation of pedestrians and cyclists on the two bridges.

End of work in the spring 2023 The third phase, which is about to begin, concerns the construction of an access ramp of 200 meters for bicycles and pedestrians, near Charenton-le-Pont. 8 meters high, it will be spread over three levels and will connect the bridge with the Quai du Halage. The ramp will be accessible to people with reduced mobility and will also connect several cycle routes, including the RER V (Réseau Express Régional Vélo), supported by the Île-de-France Region. The work of this third phase should be completed in the spring 2023.

Previously, during the first phase on the downstream bridge, towards Ivry-sur-Seine, a cycle path and new sidewalks had been put in place. The work of the second phase, which was completed in January 2022, concerned the upstream bridge, in the direction of Charenton-le-Pont. The two-way cycle paths have been made permanent there, after a period of experimentation before the start of the works. In all, 902 meters of cycle paths will have been built on the two bridges.

The total amount of the renovation work amounts to ,5 million euros, with an envelope of 9 million euros intended for development work and the remaining 4.5 million euros devoted to the repair of bridges. Funding for the operation is provided by the Val-de-Marne Department, the Île-de-France Region and the State, through the French Transport Infrastructure Funding Agency (AFITF). They will respectively support 61,67%, 17,48 % and 9.67 % of the total amount.