Vaccine pass: the government accelerates the examination of the bill

Antoine Gyori / Corbis / Getty Images “The variant Omicron is reshuffling the cards “, confessed on franceinfo

this Tuesday morning the government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal. As it grows faster than all other variants known to date, on average 45% faster, according to him, the government does not want to wait any longer and is speeding up on the vaccine pass project. The schedule of the bill on the vaccine pass is brought forward by one week. The government will indeed present it to the exceptional Council of Ministers from next week, on 27 December. “We would have a law commission on 20 December, with a hearing of Olivier Véran, and an examination in the hemicycle from January 3, “confirmed to Release

the deputy LREM Jean-Pierre Pont. The government wants to accelerate once again on vaccination, and tighten the noose on the unvaccinated. The government, which is consulting the parliamentary groups on Tuesday, aims for a “final adoption” by the Parliament “from the first half of January”, the government spokesman confirmed at midday.

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Accelerate on vaccination In this sense, Gabriel Attal recalled that the booster dose was effective against the Omicron variant: “When we recalled, we are very strongly protected against Omicron”, he hammered. However, he admitted that the country was entering “a period of strong turbulence” and that he did not want to “exclude” anything, starting with a re-containment: “I never exclude anything on principle”, he conceded . As for the corporate health pass, the idea is still on the table and discussions will be held during the day. This morning, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, welcomed the booster doses administered a few days in advance . “Today we will reach the 19 million recalls We continue, we amplify, we will achieve it together “, he unveiled. For his part, Gabriel Attal repeated that the government wanted to put in place” the vaccination pass without waiting. “He also added that in Ile-de-France -de-France, “one in three contamination seems to be linked to the Omicron variant.” By adding: “Omicron arrives in our country and if it represented 08% of contamination this week- end, we are probably beyond today and far beyond in certain regions, notably in Ile-de-France, in particular in Paris. ”The incidence rate in the country is today 768 case for 395. inhabitants.

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