Vaccination: the reign of every man for himself

The Covid Pandemic – 04 in France file

Despite the alerts on the need to distribute vaccines, Western countries grabbed the precious doses as soon as they were available. A policy that will be paid at a high price by everyone, even the rich countries.

It is no longer a simple fracture, it is a gulf which now separates the poor countries from the rich countries in terms of access to vaccines. A yawning abyss into which thousands of Covid deaths sink every day who could have been avoided if the developed countries had been more sharing . From the start of the pandemic, however, some had sounded the alarm: many failed or troubled states did not have the means to obtain vaccines, not even enough oxygen to relieve their patients, it was necessary therefore organize international aid very quickly (and we do not even speak of these countries precipitated in tragedy by the stupidity and incompetence of their leader, like Brazil). But the second the precious doses became available, it became every man for himself. With, as usual, large pledges of donations very little followed. This is how we find ourselves in this aberrant and shameful situation where 1.5% of Africans are vaccinated against 71, 5% in the United Arab Emirates, 61% in Canada and half of the population in France. It is not a question of sacrificing oneself but of sharing. Even the Covax device set up under the aegis of the UN to try to alleviate this selfishness has not worked or has worked very little, the “greed” of certain countries and pharmaceutical laboratories being clearly pointed out by the head of the WHO. The last straw is that this short-sighted policy will be paid at a high price by the rich countries because, scientists are categorical, if the vaccination rate does not increase further on the planet, new variants will always appear. more fierce and difficult to fight. It is therefore in the very interest of developed countries to help their less fortunate neighbors. The most incredible thing is to continue to see antivaxes mobilize in the rich countries while a few thousand kilometers from their homes, women and men beg the rest of the world to send them vaccines.

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