Vaccination pass: what the executive plans in the new health bill

Published on 19 Dec. 2021 at 19: 45

Barely announced and already transmitted to the Council of State in order to be able to be presented next Monday during a extraordinary Council of Ministers , before examination in committee at the ‘Meeting from 22 December for final adoption scheduled for mid-January. The draft law on the vaccine pass that the government sent to the Council of State explains, in the explanatory memorandum, that ‘With the arrival of the autumn period, then now winter, France is faced with a “strong epidemic recovery”, together with the circulation of other viruses, such as influenza.

“Although the vaccination and the health pass have so far made it possible to limit the consequences of the epidemic on the healthcare system, it remains under high tension, while interventions that had to be postponed during previous waves must also be reprogrammed ”, describes the text.

Interregional transport

He also recognizes that “the efficacy of the protection conferred by vaccination further tends to decrease over time, making it necessary to inject a booster dose to maintain sufficient immunity, and more than 1 million people identified as at risk have still not started a vaccination schedule. “Finally, he underlines that this epidemic context is also” marked by the appearance of the variant Omicron . ”

Also, “to protect the population without having to resort to generalized restrictive measures, and in a context where vaccination is the only tool allowing a lasting fight against the virus, the government intends to strengthen the existing tools for managing the health crisis,” by replacing the health pass in force with a vaccination pass and by further strengthening the measures to fight against fraud, ”he continues.

Given, finally, the “very fragile and worrying” situation in Martinique and Réunion – where vaccination coverage is lower than in mainland France – the government proposes to extend or declare a state of health emergency until 31 March 2022, which allows more braking action to be taken

Sanctions and identity checks

Regarding the vaccination pass, the draft law confirms that its proposed scope is that of the current health pass, i.e. leisure activities, restaurants and drinking establishments, fairs, seminars and trade shows or even interregional transport. Likewise, the employees of these establishments receiving the public today subject to the health pass must have a vaccination pass. At the outset, they will be able to show proof of the initiation of a complete vaccination schedule for those who had not yet taken this step. A decree must specify the rules.

In addition, it is also planned that a decree determines the cases in which people can present a certificate of recovery and / or a certificate of contraindication to vaccination which can replace the vaccination pass.

Finally, the draft law provides for an increase in the scale of penalties applicable for fraud in the vaccination pass. He suggests that the people now responsible for controlling the health pass and tomorrow for the vaccination pass, can, in case of doubt, request an identity document. A provision that parliamentarians had, on the sanitary pass, rebutted in August.