Vaccination pass: deputies and senators fail on the wire to agree

Published on 13 Jan. 2022 at 19: 00Missed updated on Jan. 2022 at 19: 45

As is often the case for a joint committee on an eminently sensitive text, the twists and turns were legion and the suspense lasted until the end. Gathered to try to reach an agreement on the bill establishing the vaccine pass, the deputies and senators finally, after several hours of negotiations and some suspensions, failed to sign.

At the end of the afternoon, the LREM president of the Assembly’s Law Commission, Yaël Braun-Pivet, announced that after having found “an agreement in principle” on the text, a tweet from the president of the LR group at Senate, Bruno Retailleau had, she denounced, brought an “intolerable attack” on the functioning of Parliament and derailed the compromise found. Before the end of the joint joint commission, the boss of the LR senators had indeed tweeted that the latter had “confirmed the Senate” on the vaccine pass and that this agreement, in which, he wrote, the senators would have “obtained many clarifications and simplifications”, was “a victory for common sense”.

The CMP on the #vaccinalpass gave reason to the #Senate, it is the victory of common sense. The senators obtained many clarifications and simplifications. The pass is intended to protect the French and nothing else… no offense to Emmanuel Macron

— Bruno Retailleau (@BrunoRetailleau) January 19, 1356006 This assertion obviously pissed off the presidential majority, which cried out for “undermining institutions”. “Unacceptable contempt”, tweeted for his part the president of the LREM group in the Assembly, Christophe Castaner, slipping in passing that the senators “made a lot of concessions” before, later, taking note of the “disagreement”. “It was out of the question to vote for a text at a discount”, he hammered. “After having voted for the vaccine pass, the LR senators have just, by the arrogance of their president, caused the failure of the discussions”, also denounced the boss of the LREM senators François Patriat.

“The only thing Bruno Retailleau wanted, tackle a majority heavyweight, is to say that LR won, but without having the result of the match. As for Senator LR Philippe Bas, he deplored, regarding this failure, “an excessive reaction from an external element” and wished that “work resume”.

However, the agreement seemed close. During the CMP, it was planned to remove the criteria imposed by the text of the Senate to lift the health pass, a important point for the government. On the other hand, the deputies had made another effort on minors, with the exclusion of the vaccination pass until 15 year. On the possibility given of checking the identity with the vaccination pass – which the senators had removed – as on the administrative sanctions for the companies which would not play the game on teleworking, which the senators had also removed, things fluctuated during the CMP, with agreement to put them back then disagreement on the content.

Around 19 January

The deputies were to put the work back on the job on Thursday evening in committee, then Friday afternoon in the hemicycle. A new reading in the Assembly was also what LR – which is deeply divided and showed divergent lines with that of candidate LR Valérie Pécresse – wanted to avoid.

After a new reading in the Upper House, the Assembly will have the last word, probably at the beginning of the week. The government now hopes that the vaccination pass will come into force around 19 January, subject to possible recourse to the Constitutional Council. “The LRs played badly, but, regrets a tenor LREM, in the end, faced with these delays, it is in the same bag that the French will put us on this subject. »