Vaccination obligation: firefighters threaten to go on unlimited strike

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The FA SPP-PATS union, one of the main firefighters, has submitted a notice from next week to denounce the measure envisaged by the government.

The dispute is mounting. One of the main unions of French professional firefighters, the FA SPP-PATS, announced on Wednesday that it had given notice of an indefinite national strike from Monday, August 9, to protest against the compulsory vaccination of firefighters.

“The bill relating to the management of the health crisis, which provides in particular and under penalty of sanctions, the vaccination obligation for the firefighters, violates the Constitution ”, is indignant at the union, which hopes that this measure will be censured by the Constitutional Council on Thursday.

🚨🚨 Please read our notice of an indefinite national strike sent to the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior 🚨🚨 #FaSppPats ## GreveNationale

Posted by Autonomous Federation on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 “We’ll see what will be the words of Constitutional Council and the office will decide what action to take ”, André Goretti, spokesperson for the union, told AFP. The wise men must indeed render their decision concerning the bill on the health management of the crisis, adopted definitively by the Parliament at the end of July.

This new law, which also provides for the controversial extension of the health pass , must enter into force next Monday. It makes compulsory the vaccination of staff in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and retirement homes, firefighters, certain soldiers, as well as professionals and volunteers with the elderly, including at home.

No opposition to vaccination “We are not leading a political fight, but there is a questioning of the fundamentals which goes too far” , judge the spokesperson of the union, who specifies that his federation is “not opposed to vaccination ”.

“ If you maintain vaccination obligation to the firefighters, then we demand to benefit from the same statutory and social advances as caregivers ”, advances the union which recalls n ‘ have “never asked to be assimilated to nursing staff ”.

The Autonomous Federation of professional firefighters and specialized administrative and technical staff claims 7 000 members and presents itself as the first union force of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Services (SDIS).

This mobilization could be added to that launched by the SUD Santé sociaux union, which is already calling from this Wednesday for an indefinite strike against the compulsory vaccination of caregivers. Hospitals in several cities are concerned, including Marseille in particular.