Unvaccinated Google employees could lose pay and jobs

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While a large part of the Tech industries are delaying returns to sites, the American giant has shown that it is losing patience with unvaccinated employees in circular.

If you work at Google in the States -United, it is better to be vaccinated. Because as CNBC reports, which was able to consult an internal memo distributed to employees, the leaders of the group are putting the pressure. Thus, Google employees had until December 3 to declare their vaccination status, download documents proving that they are vaccinated or supporting documents proving a medical or religious exemption. After this date, the Silicon Valley company indicated that it would begin contacting the employees at fault. And these could be amputated from part of their salaries. Because if the employees are not vaccinated on the date of 16 January 2022, these will be placed on “administrative leave” but will remain paid. This for a period of one month. If the situation has not changed, for six months, they will be placed on “unpaid personal leave”. And so could eventually lose their job.

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Google wants face-to-face

In a statement, a spokesperson for the group said vaccination, and Google’s requirements for it, was the “most important way to ensure workforce safety and the proper functioning of services “. This decision is also linked to the fact that Google wants its employees to return to offices at least three days a week next year. On the contrary, other tech groups (small and large companies) continue to push back face-to-face returns.

The Biden administration had imposed on US companies more than 100 employees whether they are fully vaccinated or perform regular testing. But in November, a federal court suspended the order. However, Google persists and signs and wants its 150. employees comply with this obligation vaccine. “Anyone entering a Google building must be fully vaccinated or have something that allows them to work or go on site,” adds the American firm. >> To read also – After Facebook and Google, Uber in turn requires vaccination for its employees

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