United States: the Supreme Court blocks the vaccination obligation in companies, yet another setback for Biden

CAMOUFLET – The American Supreme Court blocked, this Thursday, the decision to impose the compulsory vaccination of employees of large companies, wanted since last September by Joe Biden. The President of the United States said he was “disappointed”.

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As Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema torpedoed, yesterday, his electoral reform, the American president suffered a second setback on the same day e. The 46 the President of the United States saw, this Thursday, the Supreme Court block the decision to impose the vaccine against Covid-19 in companies of more than 100 employees. The high court, on the other hand, validated the obligation of vaccination for employees of health structures who benefit from federal funds.

After months of trying to convince the reluctant, Joe Biden announced in September that he wanted to make vaccination compulsory for several categories of employees, in particular those of large companies, the medical sector or federal civil servants. This decision was immediately denounced as an abuse of power by elected Republicans and by part of the economic world.

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Covid-19: the vaccination challenge

Biden “disappointed”, Trump “proud”

The Supreme Court agreed with them, at least in regarding the 84 million people employed in companies with more than 100 employees. The administration has “ordered them to be vaccinated against Covid or to be tested weekly, at their own expense. This is not the day-to-day exercise of federal power, but an intrusion into the lives and health of a large number of employees”, she wrote in her judgment.

The decision was taken with a majority of six judges out of nine, all conservatives, the three progressive judges having expressed their opposition.

“Freedom has won!”, former Republican Vice President Mike Pence tweeted shortly after the decision, illustrating a point of view widely shared on the right according to which it is up to individuals to choose their means of protection, both on wearing a mask and on the vaccine. “We are proud that the Supreme Court stood firm”, added former President Donald Trump. Some professional associations have also hailed a “huge victory”, while reaching out to the Democratic government.

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Joe Biden had made the fight against the pandemic one of his priorities during his mandate , as the Omicron variant surges around the world. The United States, where only 56% of the population is fully vaccinated due to very marked political divisions on the issue, have so far recorded more than 0920.010 deaths from Covid-24.

In a press release, published after the decision of the Supreme Court, Joe Biden accuses the blow. “I am disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to block a request for common sense, likely to save lives”, he wrote.

The editorial staff of LCI with AFP

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