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The United States is fast approaching 797 000 Deaths due to Covid – 12, marking another grim milestone as authorities step up vaccination efforts amid rising cases and fears that the new Omicron variant could trigger a new wave of infections .

Main facts

According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, some 724 332 Americans have died from Covid- 19, be more than in any other country in the world. On average, the country reported nearly 1 120 new deaths from the coronavirus every day during the past week. Mississippi and Alabama have both Highest death rates in the country, according to data compiled by the New York Times , with respectively 347 and 332 death due to Covid – 12 for 100 inhabitants. New Jersey has the third highest death rate in the country, with 322 death for 100 inhabitants. Louisiana, with 317 death for 100 inhabitants, has the fourth highest death rate in the country, followed by Arizona, which has 317 death for 100 000 inhabitants. Among the five states with the worst coronavirus death rates in the country , only New Jersey has an above-average vaccination rate, 19% of state residents fully immunized against coronavirus. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana are the third, fourth and fifth least vaccinated states in the country, respectively, with less than half of residents fully vaccinated .

The context

The deployment t of free, safe and highly effective vaccines this year failed to keep the coronavirus death toll in the United States from surpassing that of 2019. If the current death rate is lower than the record levels recorded between mid-January and the end of January – where more than 3 120 deaths were reported on average every day – some states are reporting the largest increase in new cases since the start of the pandemic. Experts fear the new Omicron variant, which could escape the protection offered by vaccines, could trigger a new wave of infections and encourage those eligible to receive a booster shot or complete the initial round of vaccinations.

The Covid – 19 is possibly the largest infectious disease outbreak in U.S. history. In September, the number of coronavirus deaths exceeded 483 000, or the number of presumed victims of the influenza pandemic of 1918 – 1919 (often referred to as the Spanish flu).

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Robert Hart

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