United States: Joe Biden extends another moratorium on student debt, until May 1, 2022

Joe Biden announced in a statement Wednesday the extension for three months, until May 1, of a moratorium on the debt student from which 41 benefit millions of people.

“Millions of people having taken out loans students still have to face the impact of the pandemic and need more time before resuming reimbursements, “said the US president, quoted in the press release.

Already extended for the first time

Joe Biden had put in place this moratorium after his inauguration last January, and had already extended it for the first time. Calls have multiplied in recent days for a new extension of the device, which was due to expire on 20 next January.

The announcement comes as the social agenda of the Democratic president is bogged down. Joe Biden fails to muster the necessary parliamentary majority to put in place a very ambitious program of 1. 750 billion dollars aimed at supporting the purchasing power of households and accelerating the energy transition.