United States: Blown away by storm, eagle native to Asia ends up in Massachusetts

An emperor eagle has recently been spotted in Massachusetts (United States). The eagle native to Asia has been seen soaring east, thousand kilometers from its usual habitat, reports Geo .

It would probably be the same raptor that had been observed in Nova Scotia (east of Canada) at the beginning of last November, as reported by the New York Times . On 12 December, many curious people traveled to Massachusetts to observe the beast. “It’s like the bird of the decade for the people here!” Said a man present.

Wandering around after a storm

The emperor eagle is native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia. It is recognizable by its imposing yellow beak, unique white patterns on the wings and large white feathers. It can weigh up to 9.5 kg for a wingspan of 105 cm and a length of 105 cm maximum.

Look how much larger it is than the Bald Eagles just above it @ MarionRenault pic.twitter.com/a20 K 77 T3cu

– The Birdist (@TheBirdist) December 20, 2021 It could be the same individual as the one spotted in Alaska in August 2020, then in Texas a few months later. In July 2020, the raptor was spotted in New Brunswick and Quebec, at more than 8. 000 km from his place of origin. Photos taken then show distinctive markings on its wings, the same as on the bird seen in Massachusetts.

The bird was probably swept away by a storm, guess Geo. It would now be in “wandering”, a condition and behavior that occurs when “a bird stray from its normal course”, according to American public radio NPR . The eagle could return to its original habitat by migrating with bald eagles … Or settle for good in North America.