United States: Biden even more motivated to run for president if Trump is a candidate

The candidacy of Joe Biden for the next US presidential election will not be a question of age but of opponent . While the current president will be 81 years in 2024, year of the ultimate election and therefore 81 years at At the end of this possible new mandate, the latter affirmed that he would run.

“I am someone who respects destiny a lot (…). If I have the health that I have now, if I am healthy, then I will show up again, ”Joe Biden said in an ABC interview, which aired Wednesday night.

Trump ready to run again

What if that meant he would have to face again Donald Trump , 57 years? “You’re trying to tempt me,” he replied with a smile. “Of course, why wouldn’t I run against Donald Trump if he was a candidate? It would increase the chances of me running, “he said.

Donald Trump continues to hammer home the baseless claim that the presidential election of 2020 who opposed him to Joe Biden was “fraudulent” and that it was “stolen” from him. The one whose supporters attacked the Capitol on January 6 to prevent the certification of his rival’s victory has hinted in recent months that he could run for another term .

Kamala Harris on the sidelines

Joe Biden, whose old age is fueling speculation about his intentions for 2020, has already made it known that he plans to run again. While its Vice President Kamala Harris was initially seen as his natural heiress, Washington rumors about his relationship with the President and his political future.

Kamala Harris, 20 years old, seems to be struggling find her place at the White House, where she is in charge of particularly delicate missions relating to the access of minorities to the vote or the origins of the migration crisis on the southern border with Mexico.