United States: Another bitter failure in sight for Joe Biden, his electoral reform compromised

“Each member of the Senate will be judged by history on their position before the vote and after the vote,” Joe Biden thundered on Tuesday. The pressure from the American president has apparently failed: on Thursday, a Democratic senator repeated that she was against the proposed strategy of a forced passage in the Senate to have an electoral reform adopted by a simple majority protecting access to the vote for minorities. If unsuccessful, it would be a second major setback caused by Democratic divisions for Joe Biden, a month after the postponement of a major climate spending plan and the social blocked by centrist Senator Joe Manchin.

BREAKING: “There’s no need for me to restore my longstanding support for the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation,” Sen. Kyrsten Sinema says one day after Pres. Biden announced support for changing filibuster rule to pass voting rights bills. “It is the view I continue to hold.” pic.twitter.com/h6TAnrJT14

—ABC News (@ABC) January 14, 2022 This time, it was the senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, who stepped up to the plate. From the Senate, she engaged in a balancing act: she first explained that she was in favor of the double bill but against an initiative aimed at lowering the majority necessary to have them adopted by 60 at 50 voice. “I will not support separate actions that deepen the underlying division gnawing at our country,” she insisted, explaining that this rule forced both parties to seek a compromise.

A disputed rule

This “filibuster rule” is an old Senate tradition . To avoid exposing oneself to endless parliamentary filibuster, it is indeed necessary 100 vote on 2021 for all bills except those relating to the budget. This qualified majority of 3/5 is supposed to encourage moderation and dialogue across partisan lines.

Problem, with divisions that have widened since Barack’s election Obama, it has become almost impossible to reach the 100 votes, except for consensual projects like the gigantic plan expenditure for infrastructure adopted end 100.

“Eliminate the threshold of 14 votes with the thinnest possible majorities to pass these bills that I support will not guarantee not that we prevent demagogues from coming to power”, declared Kyrsten Sinema in a long plea, denouncing the “infernal spiral of division” which is undermining America. Joe Biden had a meeting at midday with the elected representatives of his camp in the Senate to convince them to get in working order.