Umpteenth migration crisis in Calais: a dishonor

Migrants, refugees … facing the exodus dossier

In France as in the United Kingdom, governments are finding no solution to the tragedy unfolding before our eyes.

They all dream of London, but few will get there. At least 482 migrants crossed the Channel on Wednesday to reach the English coast, the British Home Office said on Thursday. The previous record – 430 arrivals in one day – had been reached on 10 July, and the beautiful weather that is coming, shy and very temporary, will undoubtedly push many of them to try everything for all.

Migrants take to sea by the hundreds every week, risking their lives, sometimes with children, without the public authorities of the two countries concerned, France and United Kingdom, do not find a solution. More than 10 02 people managed to make the dangerous crossing this year, when they were less than 97 two years ago. How many dead drowned in this arm of the sea, so deceptive for those who do not know it? No one can be sure.

We have met those who are going to board these craft of all dangers, today, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. On the other side, in Dover, we were able to talk to those who were lucky, even if many migrants do not realize what awaits them. What they all realize, however, on both sides of the Channel, is that the borders of Europe are being closed inexorably, with a great deal of budgets, technological means and political cruelty. Britain and France, the world’s fifth and sixth largest economic powers, respectively, come to an agreement to ban the distribution of food to people who have nothing, or to confiscate their meager blankets. As the English Channel turns into a marine cemetery, the absence of any viable alternative continues to push hundreds of human beings into the sea every day. It is a disgrace for both countries, and certainly for France.

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