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United Kingdom | UK announces cyber plans to fight Russia and China. Getty Images

Highlighting a “conflict of values” with Russia and China, the UK launched its new national cybercrime strategy, which aims to improve IT skills and increase resilience.

There are plans to increase funding for law enforcement to help target more criminals, as well as increase investment in National Cyber ​​Force , which fights against international cyber attacks.

“The The national cybercrime strategy builds on the country’s strong cyber security foundations, in which the work of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) is embedded, notably through the NCSC (National Cyber ​​Security Center). But it goes further. It brings together the gamut of cyber activities, from skills to communities, and to the use of offensive cyber capabilities through the new National Cyber ​​Force, ”said Sir Jeremy Fleming, Director of GCHQ.

“It shows how the UK can build capacity across the country to continue to thrive with the opportunities offered by cyberspace. And, as a leading responsible cyberpower, it can forge alliances with democratic partners around the world to protect a free, open and peaceful cyberspace. ”


At the same time, the research capacities of the NCSC of GCHQ will be strengthened, in particular by the creation of a new applied research center in Manchester.

It is planned to implement the new bill on product safety and telecommunications infrastructure in order to impose standards of minimum security in all new consumer smart products.

And there will be more investment in public sector cybersecurity, with the aim of ensuring that key public services remain resilient in the face of evolving threats.

“Cybercrime ruins lives and facilitates other crimes such as fraud, harassment and domestic violence. Billions of pounds are lost every year to cybercriminals stealing or ransoming personal data and disrupting key public services or vital sectors of the national economy, ”said UK Home Secretary Priti Patel.

“This strategy will dramatically improve the government’s response to the ever-evolving threat of cybercrime and strengthen law enforcement response in partnership with the NCSC and the National Cyber ​​Force. ”

The government hopes to involve the private sector by creating a new NCAB (National Cyber ​​Advisory Board), bringing together high-level leaders from the private and tertiary sectors to” challenge , support and inform ”the government’s approach to cyber.

Likewise, a national laboratory for the security of operational technologies will bring together industry and academia. “This innovative strategy will help solidify the UK’s position as a leading cyber power and ensure that citizens across the country have the necessary knowledge and skills to stay safe online, “says Julia Lopez, UK Minister for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure.

Article translated from Forbes US – Author: Emma Woollacott

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