UFC: the respectful exchange between Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou during the public weigh-in

After the official weigh-in and the pre-fight press conference, Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou had an appointment, on the night of Friday to Saturday, for the public weigh-in . The opportunity to attend a brief but respectful exchange between the two men.

In less than 24 hours on RMC Sport 2 (Sunday 23 January from 4 a.m.) , Cyril Gane and Francis Ngannou have a date with history. The objective: to seize the heavyweight throne of the UFC for the Frenchman, to keep it for the Cameroonian.

After the official weighing and the clash in a press conference on an alleged knockout inflicted by Ngannou on Gane during a training session at the MMA Factory in Paris – where the two men rubbed shoulders before climbing the ladder in the discipline – the fighters had an appointment in the night for the public weigh-in.

Heart with fingers, face-to-face, Gane’s remark on Ngannou’s necklace… the shock of the UFC 270 is launched

In an already charged atmosphere in Anaheim, California, Cyril Gane was the first to appear on the stage. “Bon Gamin” didn’t take long to spot the French supporters in the front row and didn’t fail to give them a little gesture: a heart drawn with the fingers to thank them for their support. The Frenchman then dropped the shirt for the weigh-in before quietly waiting for his opponent. Francis Ngannou, also with a smile on his face and thumbs up, complied by taking his place on the scales. Endorsed by the best fighter of the year 23 in the UFC, Kamaru Usman, present with the members of his clan, the “Predator” then lent himself to the long-awaited head-to-head game.

In the whites of the eyes, UFC heavyweight stars did not give in to polemics or throw oil on the fire, even quite the opposite. For about fifteen seconds, the two men gauged each other, spoke too. And as often, it is Cyril Gane who seems to have relaxed the atmosphere, with a small remark all in spontaneity on… the “bling bling” necklace of his former partner. Enough to ease the pressure and bring smiles to the faces of the two men, before a check of the fists full of respect.

From now on, go for the real challenge, the fight of the titans. Antenna socket from 23 hours on RMC Sport 2.