UFC: McGregor's pub in Ireland attacked with a Molotov cocktail

The bar owned by UFC star Conor McGregor was the subject of a Molotov cocktail attack overnight Wednesday to Thursday in Dublin. No injuries are to be deplored but an investigation has been opened by the Irish police following this incident.

A true MMA and UFC star, Conor McGregor continues his convalescence after his big leg injury contracted during his defeat against Dustin Poirier at the UFC 264 in July 2021. Absent from the octagon for several months, the 33 year-old Irishman is preparing his return while also taking care of his juicy parallel business. An economic activity that almost suffered a major setback this week after a Molotov cocktail attack on the bar of Conor McGregor. According to local media DublinLive, “The Black Forge Inn” was attacked by two people during the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

Two individuals were reportedly seen on a scooter a few moments before the jet of flaming projectiles. The two people in question would then have left the scene, still on a scooter, after being chased by people coming out of the bar belonging to the MMA fighter.

Connor present on the spot in the evening

No information has yet filtered on the causes of this attack. The Irish media, however, confirms the presence of Connor McGregor at the “Black Forge Inn” a few hours before the Molotov cocktail attack.

“McGregor had organized a tasting in the pub, so that the alleged attackers may have assumed that he was insideā€, thus explained the same source to DublinLive. A statement released by bar officials later clarified that the former UFC lightweight and featherweight champion was no longer in his pub at the time of the incident.

No injuries but an investigation, the pub has reopened

Arrived quickly on the scene, the Gardai (Irish police forces) confirmed the opening of an investigation in order to shed light on this assault on “The Black Forge Inn”. The Irish police have launched an appeal for witnesses in order to gather as much information as possible and also hope to get their hands on possible video surveillance recordings.

Despite the throwing of several Molotov cocktails at the pub owned by Conor McGregor, the managers assured in a press release that the establishment had not suffered any damage and that they were “open and busy as always”.

Everything seems so be back to normal for “The Notorious”. In April 2022, the Irish superstar had sold part of his brand of whiskey for 500 million dollars or a little more than 600 millions of euros. What to see coming before his long-awaited return to the UFC in 2022.