Tübingen’s Lord Mayor: Boris Palmer does not want his children to be vaccinated against Corona

Tübingen’s Lord Mayor Boris Palmer (Greens) considers the decisions of the health ministers to corona vaccination for minors from the age of twelve to be wrong. Palmer told the “Bild” newspaper that he did not vaccinate his own children. He is “pretty sure” that the risk for the children is greater with the vaccination than with the infection with the coronavirus : »So you have to decide on the risk of infection.«

According to “Bild”, Palmer is the father of three children, but his eldest daughter is only eleven. He suggested: “It is very likely that my children will not even notice when they get the corona infection.” In principle, there is “the high probability that many will get the infection in the next school year.” Nevertheless, schools should not be closed as a preventive measure .

The federal and state health ministers decided on Monday to give children and adolescents from the age of twelve a wide range of corona vaccinations in medical practices, vaccination centers and schools. The Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) recommends vaccination for twelve to 17 – year-olds only if there are particular risks.

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