Trump Facebook ban upheld


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Transcript for Trump Facebook ban upheld

And Facebook’s oversight board has decided to uphold the side suspension of former president Donald Trump and left the door open for him to be allowed back on the platform in the future. The board agreed with the decision to restrict trumps access to posting contents on his FaceBook page and mr. Graham account. But said it was not appropriate for FaceBook to impose an indefinite suspension calling it a standard this penalty. FaceBook Twitter and several other social media companies band trumpet their platforms after the January 6 insurrection of the capital. FaceBook then refer the matter to this oversight board for review this I want to bring in Jonathan Greenblatt now the CEO the anti defamation league. The little more on this Jonathan first up. Thanks for being here I know you’ve been outspoken about this whole issue you treated yesterday that trumps accounts were quote. Used to promote sedition and inciting violence and we have no reason to believe this would change if he regains access so what’s sure is reaction. Today’s decision essentially saying fine he still suspended for now both FaceBook has six months now reevaluate this. Well look. What I learned when I was a kid. You don’t get a cookie per showing up to class. You know radio fuel and Hay Group in the world you’ve been tracked me for a hundred years. And the fact is that president trump was promoting hate. Spreading this information. And encouraging violence. I’m has platform. Not just in the run up to generate a sense but for years vote for. And simply put is in violation of baseball’s terms of service. And there was this fiction you see that there’s an exemption for political leaders of political leaders are citizens like all lots. And nowhere. Nowhere in America. Despite First Amendment. Right doesn’t doesn’t accommodate. For us you know freedom of speech. Yes freedom of slander now. Freedom of expression yes. But the freedom to incite violence no. As an that is not protected speech. Now again is violated baseball’s own terms of service so we believe he should have been banned. Like anyone else who violated terms of service years ago. But graceful Jay in punting this decision to there quote unquote oversight or was essentially if you can’t down the road. Now the oversight board as maybe we appreciate is the right decision on the basis of the facts. But the real fact of the matter. Is that no one is above the law. And we challenge our hands when a company of this science right is making decisions are trading. Under the future of our democracy. That is all I think is the real problem here. So yes trump was was this is sexist continued and that matters but what matters more as a result in bigger problem who’s accompanying systems.

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