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June 21, 2021 5 min read

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Everybody likes the idea of going out and making a living in a way that’s uniquely “you.” We’re curious about what sustaining ourselves through entrepreneurism would feel like and what doors it would open. But with the pandemic tearing through the world, the look to entrepreneurism isn’t out of plain curiosity anymore. People need alternative ways to work and live as much as they want them. And more and more, we see that the traditional approach to career planning isn’t as gilded as we thought it was.

As the old way crumbles, a new way is already here

In the past, most people followed what I call the 45-year plan. You went to school, developed a skill or trade and then landed a job with a company. If you were lucky, you’d work there for decades, only to retire old but (hopefully) well off enough to maintain your lifestyle and be happy.

But now, the pandemic has exasperated a full range of issues that already were present in our world. There are layoffs and attrition in just about every industry. And as individual businesses tumble, the very way we commonly think about and do business is becoming antiquated too. Before we used to do business face-to-face and complete transactions over coffee and a handshake, but now we’re transforming into a digital society. This change has its challenges. But it also presents amazing opportunities, and entrepreneurism stands out among them.

Many elements have created the perfect storm to ripen our entrepreneurial spirit. We’re no longer tethered to the office; 

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