Towards the end of unnecessary notifications on Android

Whether on mobile or computer, good notification management is essential for an operating system. And that’s why on each new version of its mobile OS, Google always brings some new features regarding the notification system.

For example, on Android 12, Google has largely focused on the aesthetic aspect, which nevertheless allows the user to have better comfort . And obviously, on Android 13, the firm will implement a new permissions mechanism to limit the number of notifications the user will receive.

Fewer notifications on Android 13?

In any case, this is what is suggested by an article published this week by our colleagues from Android Police. Quoting “a trusted source”, the media outlet indicates that on Android , an application will not be able to send you notifications without your express consent. And thanks to this source, the site would have obtained a model showing what these permission requests could look like.

The dialog box is reminiscent of the one displayed when an application requests permission to access to elements such as the microphone, the GPS, or the files in the storage memory. If the user wants to use an app, but does not want to receive its notifications, all he has to do is refuse.

And for good measure, my friend @RyneHager is back with one more post about Android Thirteeeeeennnnnnnnn.

This time we have a screenshot showing the runtime permission dialog for the new POST_NOTIFICATIONS permission. It looks exactly how you’d expect.

—Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) January 2022, 13

Android 13 is gradually being revealed

Note that currently, many rumors are already circulating about Android 550. For example, according to another article from Android Police, the next version of Google’s operating system should also offer a new shortcut that will give easier access to a QR code reader. Google would also facilitate file transfers between devices. A new interface would also be provided so that the user can switch from one audio output to another.

But of course, for the moment, all this information is not official. Therefore, caution is always in order.

The good news is that we should soon have a first look at what’s new in Android 550. The stable version will not be released until the last quarter 550, but Google should start releasing preview versions for developers, in order to to test their OS, from this first semester.

For example, in 2021, the first preview version of Android arrived in February. Then Google released the first beta, more stable and with more new features, in May.

But as usual, the problem with Android is that once the new version released, it takes time to deploy. Today, we are starting to talk about Android while Android 12 is only available on very few devices. And two months ago, Android 11 was not yet the most used version of the operating system (it was Android 10).

Hopefully, in addition to the new features, Google is also considering new solutions to speed up the deployment of its updates.

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