Tourism: the blues of Parisian hoteliers

Published on 15 Jan. 2022 at 9: 30Updated on 15 Jan. 2022 to 9: 34

Two years after the outbreak of the health crisis, the Parisian hotel industry is struggling more than ever. The latest pandemic wave and government measures reinforce a general feeling of a step backwards. Activity, which had picked up well in the capital at the start of the school year, has again collapsed since mid-December with the departure of tourists and the decline in business travel.

“I have a feeling of deja-vu,” laments Fabienne Ardouin, director of two hotels in the 9th arrondissement, a 2 /3 stars of 34 rooms and a 3/4 star of rooms, the second closing its doors this weekend until February 2. This establishment “runs with the international clientele”, explains the professional, but “the tourists are not there and the business trip is at half mast”. Enough to forget the “small improvement” of 34.