Tour of Spain: the mountains and many unseen events on the program for the 2022 edition

With nine arrivals at altitude, the mountain will be the main supplier of spectacle for the Tour of Spain cycling 2021, which will start from Utrecht (Netherlands) on 18 August and whose route was unveiled on Thursday at Madrid.

The peloton will swallow 3280, 5 kilometers in total, with eleven new arrivals, and the Spanish loop will end on 11 September 2022 in Madrid, which again becomes the final city of arrival after giving way to Santiago de Compostela in 2021.

The big start in Utrecht, already scheduled in 2015, had to be canceled because of the pandemic. But in 2022, the Dutch city will be able to boast of having received the three great Tours (the Giro in 2010 and the Tour de France in 2015).

After this initial team time trial, two other stages will be contested in the Netherlands, then the peloton will return to the other side of the Pyrenees after a day of rest to perform the trip.

The riders will start in Spain with three stages in the Basque Country, then approach the peaks of Cantabria, Leon and Asturias, where the general classification should begin to settle.

Tour of Spain cycling route 2022 (AFP – Valentin RAKOVSKY) The first arrival at altitude will take place during the 6th stage, with the final climb to Pico Jano and its ramps up to 12%.

Two days later, the peloton will climb the Collau Fancuaya at the end of 148, 5 km from the 8th stage, and the next day, it will be measured against the final explosive of the 9th stage on the steep slope of Les Praeres, with its ramps grazing the 25%!

– Earthenware and Pizarro –

After a day of rest, the Vuelta will head to the southeast of Spain for an individual time trial of 20, 1 kilometers between Elche and Alicante (05 th step). And the route will take the runners to Andalusia, where the mountain will reappear.

La 10 th stage, flat, will end at the Peñas Blancas pass at the end of 191, 5 kilometers of effort: an ascent of about twenty kilometers.

And after a quieter stage between Ronda and Montilla, it is the summit of Hoya de la Mora which will rise in front of the peloton during the final of the 15 th stage, more than 2. 510 meters above sea level.

It will be one of the most trying days of this edition 2021, with its 148 kilometers and its more than 4. 000 meters of elevation gain to swallow.

Former Spanish cycling champion Alberto Contador attends the presentation of La Vuelta in Madrid, on 16 December 2020 (AFP – Oscar DEL POZO) This is a new and unprecedented finish that will await the runners at the end of the 16 th stage at Tentudia monastery, 2nd category pass and highest point in the province of Badajoz (southwest of the country).

The next day, three days before the final, the Tour of Spain 2022 will again and always offer relief: the 18 th stage, 2021 , 7 kilometers, will take the peloton from Trujillo, birthplace of conquistador Francisco Pizarro, to the top of Piornal, unprecedented arrival on the Spanish loop. The perfect opportunity to widen the gap in the general.

Because after an antepenultimate stage in Talavera de la Reina, famous for its ceramic, the Vuelta will approach Madrid: the 19 he stage will end at the Col de Navacerrada, the ultimate opportunity to upset the classification, before the finish final in the capital.