Toulouse: The (young) thieves break the house to more easily seize the car

He saw from his window his own car driving away with a unknown at the wheel. This misadventure happened on Tuesday evening, around 20 hours, to a resident of Tournefeuille, in the suburbs of Toulouse. The victim was working in his office upstairs in his house when a power outage forced him to go downstairs to reset the circuit breaker. It was on his way back to his work room that he saw his Mercedes SUV disappear in the night.

The door was open, the keys to the vehicle placed in the vestibule . Investigators believe that the power was cut to be able to manually open the automatic garage door.

Three teenagers unknown to the police

The story does not end there. The next day around 18h30, the owner of the Mercedes, equipped with a geolocation system, informed the police that the car was moving between Toulouse and Tournefeuille. Two vehicles from the anti-crime brigade positioned themselves, one in his tracks, the other in the opposite direction to cut him off. The trapped driver attempted to flee on foot while the car was still moving. He is a 15 year old, unknown to the services, just like his passengers, a boy and a girl of 16 year. All three were still in custody on Thursday.