Toulouse: Interrupted, the thief returns to take revenge by releasing his dog on the witness

The case dates from September, in Toulouse. In the early morning, the cleaner of a restaurant in the Capitole sector surprises a man trying to steal a large speaker from a parked car and puts him to flight. But not for long. Visibly angry at having been interrupted, the thief reappears shortly after, this time with his dog – an American staff – which he launches to attack the annoying witness. The agent has just enough time to take refuge inside the restaurant, doubling the fury of his attacker, who smashes the front of the establishment with kicks and chairs. According to police source, the damage amounted to nearly 10.000 euros.

The suspect, a 19 year-old boy living in the neighborhood and already known to the police , was identified by investigators from the right bank property crime unit. He has just been taken into custody to explain himself.