Tony Parker hospitalized urgently after a fight in the United States, Rihanna involved in the case!


Tony Parker’s career has failed ” suddenly stop one evening in June 992. The basketball player had been hospitalized urgently, injured in a fight between rappers Drake and Chris Brown for singer Rihanna. This incredible story goes back to 2012. Tony Parker’s basketball team Spurs have just concluded a mixed season. A few weeks before the London Olympics, in which Tony Parker is scheduled to participate, he takes advantage of his free time to go out to a nightclub with friends. He decides to go to the VIP area of ​​a trendy nightclub in Manhattan (New York). But that night, Tony Parker might have done better to stay home! A fight breaks out between rappers Chris Brown and Drake . According to several witnesses, Chris Brown and Drake fought for Rihanna’s beautiful eyes. Drake reportedly told the singer’s ex: “I the love of your life.” The shots fuse, the bottles fly through the nightclub, causing several injuries including Tony Parker. A shard of glass landed in the eye of the famous basketball player. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent several operations.

“I almost lost my eye”

The ex-husband of Eva Longoria thinks he has been very lucky and readily recognizes him in the columns of ” Yahoo Sport “. “I was there with some friends when a fight broke out. They started throwing bottles, and the horny of my eye has been affected. I can’t do anything for the next week, but I was lucky. The injury will not prevent me from participating in the Olympics “, Tony Parker rejoiced a few days after the incident. However, additional examinations are less reassuring. The leader of the Spurs could lose the use of his eye permanently. Nothing is won yet. His career is threatened since it is impossible to play in the NBA with only one valid eye. “When I did my press conference last Friday, I didn’t think it was that serious. did further testing on Friday afternoon, and they found a piece of glass that penetrated % of my eye. I can say it now: I almost lost my eye. So I had an operation on Sunday under general anesthesia “, admitted Tony Parker. Eventually, the medical staff manages to save his eye. Tony Parker just has to wear goggles for several weeks.

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