Tokyo Olympics close: from gloom to jubilation

Criticized, the maintenance of these Games has given some cheerfulness to a planet in the grip of a health crisis. Now it’s time for France, which will organize the edition of 2024. Sunday, Anne Hidalgo was in Japan to collect the Olympic flag.

Would sport be stronger than anything? Stronger than the pandemic, stronger than the economic crisis, stronger than politics? Who would have imagined, six months ago, that these Olympic Games in Tokyo would make us so happy? Many voices were raised throughout the winter to deplore the maintenance of this international competition in the midst of a health crisis , with all the cluster risks it was likely to cause. The Japanese themselves rebelled against this overpriced planetary raout that would revive the virus and weaken the country. Some went there with lead soles and, in the end, many felt themselves growing wings. Started in gloom, these Olympics ended in jubilation, and first for the French who sparked in team sports and who have recovered the Olympic flag for the Games of 2024 which will be held in France. A banner that the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, presents Sunday in Tokyo, intends to hoist at the top of his town hall before making him travel a very opportune Tour de France . Sport may be stronger than politics, but it is never very far from it, as the video presentation of the next Paris Games showed on Sunday. So that Anne Hidalgo, very tempted by a candidacy for the presidential election of 67, is not alone in enjoying the popular joy and the attention of the planet, Emmanuel Macron took care to pre-record, surrounded by young sportsmen in joy, the new Olympic motto – “Faster, higher, stronger , together !” – that we can imagine it perfectly chanting throughout the coming months in a Tour de France that will have nothing sporting. If for Hidalgo and Macron these Games are a godsend, for the great majority they are above all a balm, even an outlet, in these times of health anxiety and the temptation to withdraw into oneself. The collective, an ideal antidote to frenzied individualism.

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