Tokyo, episode 22: go ciao the bubble, Japan and the staff lady (well I hope)

Tokyo Olympic Games 2021case

In Tokyo for the Games, our special correspondent tells the story of adventure within adventure. On the twentieth-second day, he wonders if he will ever be able to leave the archipelago, the fault of the delayed planes and the PCR tests that do not download.

Game over! And what better way to conclude these Games than a great first gold medal for French handball players. Obviously, you want to ask them a few questions after the ceremony. Except that the lady of the staff, three security guys around her, won’t let me join the pool of journalists who are waiting for the arrival of the players a yard away from me. However, I have my entry ticket in the mixed zone, but apparently there would be too many people. Incomprehensible, knowing that we were a little less than the day before for the boys. I made him notice that two people have just left the area. Nothing to do, she offers me another area where I know the French will not go. Logic … A colleague goes out to get his cable for his recorder. He returns. Same sanction.

The cerberus discusses with someone on his microphone. We are offered to take our recorders to put them with the players. It’s very nice, but I explain to him that this is not really journalism. Oddly, my ethics lesson (in English) seemed to convince her. Another colleague who arrived later will not have this chance: he will not take part in the interviews according to the title, which allows France to pack its 32 th medal of the XXXII Olympiad.

In PLS at the airport? So it’s on this note splendid that these Games come to an end. I went for a walk to the closing ceremony but I don’t have any seen a lot. I had my head a little elsewhere since I had learned in the meantime that my return flight scheduled in the early hours of the morning was canceled. Then finally only delayed for a few hours. But all is not settled yet since it is impossible for me to download the PCR test necessary for boarding, which vaguely reminds me my entry conditions into the country there are 21 days. To believe that I have not yet finished with Japan… I am thinking really to land in PLS in the middle of Haneda airport, see what that could be.

Besides, while we are there, at the time of departure, I want to confess that I pierced the Olympic bubble the day after my arrival in Tokyo. Hey yes: I had to type myself six kilometers round trip incognito (without cell phone so as not to get caught of course) in the district of Akihabara in order to get your hands on a Japanese adapter to be able to connect my PC … Come on, no hard feelings, Tokyo!

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