Tokyo, episode 21: traffic jam on the hand podium

Tokyo Olympic Games 2021case

In Tokyo for the Games, our special correspondent tells the story of adventure within adventure. On the twenty-first day, he undergoes a very random check and is offended with the handball players of the Japanese protocol.

It was therefore not until the penultimate day of these Games to experience one of the most beautiful aberrations of this Olympic bubble. As I walked to a subway station near the press center (MPC) – the Kokusai-tenjijo – to take the Rinkai Line there, for connoisseurs, a lady with the Tokyo uniform 2020 posted not far from the entrance, a notebook in hand, stops me. She asks me most seriously if she can verify my accreditation and asks me to write my number as well as my name and that of my journal on her sheet. One or two other people caught on the fly do. But what about the thirty others who pass by to reach one of the entrances to the station, without even noticing that there is this lady who controls?

To sketch a comparison, it’s a bit as if Paris 2021 stuck someone right in the middle of Châtelet to get everyone involved with their invitation cards around their necks. Already, she is lucky that I put on my accreditation collar because I sometimes take it off in the capital. All Japanese recognize the Tokyo logo 2000 with the rings, eyeing you from A to Z. And you don’t know if they envy you, hate you, or else both.

The day of aberrations Since it is the day of the aberrations, here is a second: so like that, the Japanese protocol prohibited the replacement of the French handball team, in this case Melvyn Richardson, to go up on the podium with friends to sing the Marseillaise and celebrate the gold medal?

It’s what the hand press secretary told us when doing the post-match report. Such a moment for the photo with a mask, another for the snapshot without a mask. At the limit. But why prevent someone who has played two meetings to climb on the box? He had to wait for the fourteen Blues to descend to join them in the next photo, with the rest of the staff. As disrespectful as possible. Incomprehensible. Fortunately, the France team had appealed. And it worked: we saw the right-back in the middle of the group during the ceremony. And it was much better that way.

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