Tokyo, episode 16: exploring public transport

Tokyo Olympic Games 2021case

In Tokyo for the Games, our special correspondent tells the story of adventure within adventure. On the sixteenth day, he finally gets off in the metro.

That’s it ! I can finally use public transport. The day before, I went to pick up a “TP card”, kind of pass to access the transport network of the capital. As much to tell you that I did not have to be asked to test all this as soon as I left the hotel.

Kayabacho Station, Hibiya line, small change for Chiyoda towards Yoyogi Stadium, history of working in front of the girls of the hand, even if I note that the meeting is already well started. I arrive, the match has just ended, but I’m happy anyway. The metro seems fairly easy to use. It is about ten times cleaner than the one in Paris. The lines three times less crowded. Most of the time, we save a lot of time.

For example, to go to the gym in the afternoon, I should have taken the shuttle making the MPC-MTM junction then take a circular bus which must pass (and stop) by two sites close to each other on the bay before stopping at the Ariake Gymnastics Center. Shady – and taking into account a (very, very) reasonable waiting time of ten minutes between buses – we must put 35 – 38 minutes. There, two metro stations, a good five minutes on foot, and I am at the edge of the carpets.

On the return from the hand, a good big storm makes me understand that the TM buses keep when even their usefulness. You still have to find the area around the stadiums, when you have never seen where the area was. The opportunity to indicate that on each site, only about one in ten people can tell me where these buses are located. It’s pretty amazing, when you know that there are just these buses, the ones for the athletes and the taxis.

One person sends you here, another on the other side . An exasperated Hungarian journalist joins the quest. He sees a smoking area: “Leave it to me, the people in the smoking area always know these things.” I quickly validate the theory and agree to let it happen. Banco. One of the guys knows. I’m telling the security man to drop it, so I’m not listening next to it. We leave. We grope. I wonder why the Hungarian wants to enter the site’s media center when I see the bus area. I show him the acronym “TM”. We realize that we are not looking for the same thing. But we find both, that’s the main thing. The misunderstanding has the merit of showing that no one knows anything about anything. You guessed it: tonight, I got back by metro.

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