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To celebrate the summer, Godeal24 crushes the prices of its licenses (Windows 10, Office 2021)

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Godeal24 welcomes summer in the best possible way: with incredible offers on all of its products. Windows 11, Office 2021, Windows 10 and many more!

For the arrival of summer, Godeal24 is bringing out the heavy artillery, namely big discounts on the most popular Microsoft software and suites. You will be able to equip yourself with essential office tools such as Office or the latest version of your computer’s operating system. It’s the perfect time to update your PC, right?

Discover the offers on Godeal24

Discover the best Godeal24 offers of the summer

In order to carry out your projects, you can count on Microsoft licenses: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Publisher, Access… So many software programs that are essential today for working efficiently.

It may be tempting to obtain cracked versions of software, but it is not without risk. Not only are these versions an open door to viruses of all kinds, but above all they can suddenly let you down. Which can be annoying when you use them for work. Moreover, opting for paid software is not as expensive as one might imagine. This is all the more true if you trust Godeal24 and its great offers. In fact, you can take advantage of immediate discounts of up to 62%. Thus, you can access Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus (1 PC) at only 24.99 dolars instead of 439.99 dolars. Huge savings…

In addition, the software activation key is sent directly to your email and you do not have to wait. Delivery is immediate. It’s truly pleasent. If ever the email does not arrive, do not hesitate to check your unwanted emails or the “Promotion” tab on Gmail. Godeal24 customer service is at your disposal for any problem: [email protected]

If the offers are tempting, they are mostly ephemeral. Don’t delay in deciding. Also, stocks are limited…

You have up to 62% immediate discount on Microsoft Office products with the code NET62.

You can get Windows 10, which is the most used, for 6.06 dolars per computer. Since Windows 10 users can upgrade to Windows 11 for free, now is the perfect time.

The code NET50 allows you to enjoy 50% discount on Windows products.

If you instead bet on a Microsoft Office and Windows Bundle, the code NET62 allows you to benefit from 62% discount.

Finally, you can equip yourself with other software to optimize and speed up your computer…

To offer such low prices, Godeal does not flirt with illegality. These software are generally sold with a PC. This method of resale has been deemed legal by the Court of Justice of the European Union. All the lights are therefore green so that you can save money.

Discover the offers on Godeal24

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