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Transcript for Tips on how to have a safe New Year’s Eve amid the COVID pandemic

download” and saying good-bye to 2020. A lot of people are hoping the new year will be better. 2020 set a pretty low bar. We need to usher 2021 in safely. Here with some ideas, parenting expert Ericka souter. Ericka, happy new year. How can we celebrate if we’re separated from loved ones? Everyone is tired with all the pandemic safety. We have to keep it going. One of the things we recommend for a lot of couples who can’t be together for the holiday is do a virtual date. This doesn’t mean just talking this is going the extra mile. Get maybe cocktail kits that are the same, create a special dinner menu you can both have in your location and talk and have fun. You can even binge watch shows together or movies complete with popcorn and candy. Make it fun and memorable. You say there are other activities online that we could explore. What are you talking about there? Well, one of the things I love are jackbox games. This is S something you can do with a big group of people all over the country. It’s a game package where you can play trivia, have fun, hang out together, get competitive. It makes it a fun, great evening for a big group of people all over. You get that very festive feeling and you’re not alone. Another thing that’s really, really important, don’t just sit the, put on your sweats and sit in front of the camera and talk. If you get dressed up, put on that sequin top or sweater, it gets you in the mood. Pants that button can help you feel like it’s more of a holiday and not just the same day after day inside your house. Do they make spanx that button? My sweat pants gams S gotten tight this year. That’s not the only thing that’s gotten tight this year. E other question, here in times square we’re not having a big party, but the ball is still dropping nonetheless. Not all the traditions are gone. Most of us watch the ball drop from television anyway. Tune in and celebrate and you’ll see live performances. It will be fun. There won’t be millions of people in the crowd, but you get the feeling the year is coming to an end and there’s so much to look forward to in the new year. Watch the ball drop. Wear pants that button and usher in 2021 in style. Sounds great. Thanu so much. Happy new year to you and we’ll

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